My name is Kelsey MacLellan, originally from Calgary, Alberta, but I reside in Edmonton, Alberta. I also lived in a small town called Truro in Nova Scotia for quite some time. I’ve been a little bit of everywhere!

I love travelling, and seeing new places, whether that’s flying or through a road trip. I’ve been to most provinces in Canada; I have also been to Connecticut and New York in the United States of America (and Chicago if the airport counts).

I moved to Vancouver where I was going to college to be an Administrative Assistant. I’m well adapted for the role. My father works in Information Technology, and my mother is an Executive Assistant. Growing up I became interested in English, because I was good at it, and art. All arts. I love writing, scripting, painting, drawing, filming, editing both film and papers. Being good with technology and English makes me great for being an Administrative Assistant, and then one day I can take my love for the arts to film school.

I love being a Virtual assistant since it allows me to assist others with their technology challenges and time limitations. Over the years I’ve offered my help to countless people and helped them with their computer related problems. Whether it was problems with social networking sites, understanding the technology behind the Internet, or helping people become more proficient in their business — I am here to help you.

“Kelsey is well organized and detail oriented in her approach to tasks. Kelsey never hesitates when given an assignment or project, and carries them out in a precise and error-free manner. I am often pleasantly surprised to find that Kelsey has already finished a task when many are just getting started.” – C. Bartsch, Teacher



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